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There Are Opportunities to Network Anywhere You Go

Updated: Apr 22, 2019

You might notice my background is a little different than usual. Well, actually, I’m in Cancun! And today, I’m going to talk about how you can connect and network just about anywhere. Here in beautiful Cancun, I’m on a vacation with 500 people who are all connected through something called Landmark Education. When somebody asks what I do, I flip the script and get interested in what they do, and I ask them to tell me more about what they do. And when they start to tell me about themselves, they naturally respond, “You never told me what you do!”

So I let them know that I’m actually somebody who upgrades LinkedIn profiles and takes people who are looking for business to another level using LinkedIn. And after that, the conversation becomes amazing.

WHERE ARE YOU GOING THIS HOLIDAY SEASON THAT YOU'LL BE TALKING TO SOMEBODY NEW? Now here I am on vacation, and I’m getting invitations from people while I’m sitting by the pool, converting those conversations into new connections, which are then going to lead to new business. Where are you going this holiday season that you’ll be talking to somebody new? Chances are at some point, you’ll be sitting next to someone at a party or in an awkward elevator ride. Well turn those situations around and, instead of telling someone “what you do,” ask them what they do. I heard once that it’s really a great thing to treat celebrities like regular people and to treat regular people like celebrities. What if you did an experiment where you treated everybody that you met during this holiday season like a celebrity and you became interested in who they were and were in absolute awe of meeting this person? You’ll want to know who is their center of influence, so ask them, “Are you on LinkedIn? Can we connect?” Personalize your messages. Make sure that when you send them that invitation, you let them know where you met them. When they accept, send them a very personalized thank-you message. Then you can take it one stop further—pick up the phone and call them and send them something that is actually of interest to them specifically. The first question you might want to ask is, “What can I do for you? Is there somebody you want to meet that I might know in my my LinkedIn circle or my world?” Be somebody that is of service. And remember, in this holiday season, there’s an opportunity everywhere you go to acknowledge somebody, find out who they are, make that connection, and then take it to the next level. If you’re not LinkedIn, you might be left out.

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